Reiki-I Degree:

Generally Reiki - I is taught in a group, to enable students to practice on each other. The course is preferably taught at weekends finding it convenient to most of the people. A follow-up session is welcomed at any number of times with no extra cost. Course contents of Reiki-I are briefed here under:

  • The Five Principles Of Reiki
  • The Detailed History Of Reiki
  • What Reiki Is & How Reiki Works
  • Learn what Chakras are & where they are placed
  • Why Chakras are important & what they represent


During attunements the energy centers or 'chakras' are reawakened and attuned to clear a healing channel which elevates the physical vibratory level enabling this healing energy to flow though clearing blocked energy.

Self Healing and Healing Others:

Learn how to self heal & the correct sequence for self healing
What hand positions to use
The importance of a sustained period of self healing

Reiki-II Degree:

Reiki-II is for people who have completed Reiki-I after acquiring deep knowledge of Reiki System. Practitioners who wish to receive and learn how to use some of the symbols revealed by Dr. Usui and want to learn how to send Distant Healing.

Reiki-II is usually learnt as part of a group to enable practice together. On this course the following areas are covered:

  • Three Reiki Symbols are taught.
  • Important and working of the Symbols.
  • Awakening of psychic powers, telepathy, intuition powers.


Fine tuning at the subtler level of energy, enabling specific ways to enhance the Healing Process in the following ways:

  • Emotional Healing
  • Mental Healing
  • Distant Healing

Reiki-III-A Degree:

This course is for people who have completed  Reiki-II Degree and have used Reiki on themselves and others regularly for a substantial length of time and eager to enhance the healing power. On this course the following areas are covered:

  • Taught Tibetan Symbol
  • Practical knowledge of Psychic Surgery
  • Other powerful techniques of energy creation like crystal, pyramid and their use.


Reiki-III-B Degree:

Participants who have completed  Reiki-III-A Degree and are eager to enhance the healing power and wish to renew and deepen their commitment to Reiki Healing and Reiki Treatment. Moreover they wish to receive and learn how to use further Advance Reiki Symbols revealed to Dr. Usui. Basically the Reiki Master Degree is for those who also wish to teach and attune others. Taking Reiki Master ship requires total commitment to Reiki System and a real desire to integrate it into your whole life. On this course the following areas are taught:

  • Apart from Five Principles of Reiki, complete story and History of Reiki
  • The entire lineage of Reiki
  • The Master Symbol for attunements
  • How to make perfection in taking Reiki Classes
  • Detailed guidance on how to teach the three levels of Reiki
  • Detailed guidance and teaching of how to pass attunements

It you are actually interested to enter into this Energy Healing System, then don't wait and learn all Levels of Reiki up to Grand Master because becoming a higher level Spiritual Healer gives feeling life satisfaction in spiritual path.




 We Can do following Amazing things with Reiki.


1. Drink Reiki :

For Clear your mind and enable the flow of Reiki 

2. Clear Your Room with Reiki :

In time, your room and your house may acquire some lower vibration energies.

These can stay behind after guests have left, or perhaps you bring them in from outside, and they stick around the room, even after you’ve cleared your aura.

Here are some steps to bring the love and light energy back to your room or house.

3. Improve Your Memory : 

With the intent that the information is better memorized, and be put to use for the highest good

4. Reiki to Fall Asleep :

If you’re having trouble falling asleep, Reiki can help you Fall a Sleep.

5. Charging Bathtub Water with Reiki :

This technique is useful for enriching your bathtub water with Reiki energy, helping you stay energetic and refreshed for the rest of the day. 

6. Send Reiki to Heal Past Wounds :

Sending Reiki to the past is quite possible, but why would anybody want to do that? Is it going to change what happened? Definitely not.

 But what Reiki can do is, it can change the way you feel about the whole situation. It can cut the energetic attachments holding you in the past, and allow you to move on, light and free as a bird. 

7. Steps to Find Lost Objects Using Reiki :

An innovative way to use Reiki symbols for finding lost objects.

8. Reiki Alarm Clock :

Here’s another innovative way to use Reiki: Alarm Clock!  

9. Looking for Parking Space with Reiki :

This Reiki technique which takes about two minutes should be used before you start driving to a particular destination. Using this technique will help you find a parking space more easily.

10. Treating Future Situations with Reiki :

This Reiki technique requires about 10 to 15 minutes to be completed. It can be used for enriching future situations with Reiki.

11. Whole Body Protection with Reiki :

If you’re one of those individuals who often feel vulnerable or are threatened by psychic attacks, Reiki can help you protect yourself.

12. Charge Electrical Appliances with Reiki :

Reiki is guided by intention, and we can intend to store energy “in electrical appliances” of daily use, and to have it released when the appliance is turned on.

13. Eat Reiki (Energize Your Food) :

There’s an easy way to get Reiki into your body and make sure it reaches every cell that needs it. And this is: charge your food with healing energy.


As you eat it, the nutrients imbued with Reiki will find their way throughout your body, making it shine from within, almost literally.

14. Reiki for Travelling :

Travelling long distances can be quite a tiresome experience. Some people get stressed at the thought of boarding a plane, or just travelling for many hours can be off-putting. Especially in places where we haven’t been before. Reiki can be your companion on the road (or in the air, or on the water).


15. Reiki Your Medication to Reduce Side Effects :


If you’re under medical treatment, you can Reiki your medication to increase its effectiveness and reduce its side effects.

16. Reiki at Work / Cleanse Your Office :

If you work in an office or at a desk, you can get Reiki to help you raise the vibe and lower the work stress. This can be even more effective if you’re in an environment where you get an avalanche of emails that need to be read and acted on, or have a pile of papers to process – and a constant steady flow of more papers or tasks coming in.

17. Spot Treatment with Reiki :

Reiki is effective in spot treatment, whether it’s from an acute injury, or caused by a chronic condition, for example temporarily increased levels of a localized pain. Remember though that it’s not a replacement for medical aid.

18. Prevent Accidents with Reiki :

Reiki can be used to prevent accidents and other unfortunate events. Before going on a trip, entering a meeting, making a phone call, or whenever you feel some stress and negative energy around, bring in the peace and familiar Reiki energy.

19.How to Treat Animals with Reiki. 

This Reiki technique can be used to treat animals that are either somewhere else or cannot be touched for safety reasons.

20.Safety on the Road with Reiki.

This Reiki technique is a great way to protect yourself and others on the road. It helps in two ways. Firstly, it helps build an energetic wall of protection around you, and secondly, it gives you self-assurance.


This technique has two phases. The first one is for personal protection, while the second phase protects your vehicle (car, bicycle, or airplane…).

21.Treating Emotional Problems with Reiki. 

This Reiki technique can be used to help heal emotional crisis or wounds. It strengthens the emotional immune system, allowing for better dealing with the emotional problem.